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Sasken Premier League

posted 10 Jul 2010, 06:46 by Hussain Kothari   [ updated 19 Jul 2010, 15:19 ]


Its a Saturday morning. Shivdas and I had been working until late on Friday evening for the release. We also had to get up at 5 on Saturday to make it for the cricket match Adroit Bulls vs trimedians, the first match of the SPL! The match was at the ground next to BMCC. I was the first one to get there, but could not find the ground. Later I realised that the ground that I thought is a basket ball court, was actually the ground that we had hired. A very small ground. We decided where the boundaries would be and started to play.

We lost the toss and we were suppose to field. I was the wicket keeper from our team. First the girl Suma came to play for the 1st over. In the heat of the moment I asked Shivdas to make a throw at the stumps and I could not collect the ball. Since the boundaries were shot for the female players, the ball was over thrown for a 4 :-( . She played another shot close to her legs to the fine leg and another 4 :-(. She scored some 17 runs from which I had probably given off some 8 runs.

Now come in the men. The first batsmen nicked an edge and the ball went over his and my head. Somehow I was able to keep pace with the ball and caught it of once bounce in my hand.. phew.. OUT. Some solace. Later the game progressed and they made some 70 odd runs in 9 overs. Also, I changed my position to mid wicket and managed to hold onto another catch. 2 catches for me.


Now it was our turn to bat. All our players at the top order batted well. The score came down to 2 runs required in 3 balls and Shivdas was at the crease. Next ball.. and Shivdas got out! Now I was sent in to bat at the strikers end. We needed 2 runs from 2 balls. I somehow had to make these runs, else it would be putting many efforts down the drain. All sorts of thoughts were crossing my mind, what if I am not able to make contact with the ball? What if we lose? Shall I just run and give Palash the strike? Palash and I had a talk and we decide to run what ever is the case. If he got out, so well be it, any ways if we didn't run he would never get the strike. So I started murmuring my prayers and went to bat. I think this is the least the team could have expected off me, 1 run in 1 ball and Palash would take care of the rest :-D.

So I took my guard and there comes the bowler running in. The ball comes slowly to me and at full toss. All I had to do it put my bat in between. I could do this. The ball went further away to the long on. Palash screamed run 2. We ran 2 and we WON! HURRAY! One picture of me making the winning runs!