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In retrospect

posted 12 Jul 2010, 01:14 by Hussain Kothari   [ updated 1 Nov 2010, 03:17 ]
In 2008: When I returned from the UK I had a lucrative job offer in hand. I spoke to Sasken to relieve me, but they were not too keen. They offered me a position in Finland instead. The 2009 meltdown happened but I still made it to Finland. People were losing jobs, many were asked to take up part time employment (and part time salary) but I was lucky to have escaped to Finland. Barely 15 days in Finland, I was asked to return back to India. At that moment I thought it would probably have been better taking up my permanent role in UK. I would have escaped all the uncertainty that Sasken keeps you in.

Now: It wasn't a bad move after all. Looking at it in retrospect, I got to go to Finland. I got introduced to a new beautiful country (and other countries like Sweden, Netherlands) and new culture. Finland is the most beautiful country I have experienced. Their frozen lakes, ice dipping sauna, skiing, people, work, all of it was a new experience. Later I moved to Blore and there I had a learning experience and training wrt work.

After I moved to Pune, we got the new house renovated and shifted in. Nafisa learnt how to drive and she started work too. She is doing very well at work. I had my first chance to Lead a project as well. Something I always wanted to do.

Now she has got a reloc to London and I am also looking out for jobs. This takes us back to UK. If I would have taken the job in UK in 2008, I my wife would not have been working and I would have missed all the other experiences. 

In retrospect, I don't repent (now) at all to how it all turned out to be. As Steve said, "You can not connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards." and as I rarely chant "Everything happens for a reason"!.