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Closure :Something settled or resolved; the outcome of decision making

posted 11 Jul 2010, 09:44 by Hussain Kothari   [ updated 1 Nov 2010, 03:17 ]

One word, but with such important significance. I always believe that all things should be taken to a closure. Be it as simple as unpacking items from a bag or making decisions. Until we don't have closure on the things we do, it will keep lingering on our minds. 

At office, many discussions are done, but there are sometimes no decisions.
At home we start off doing something, but do not complete it.
The other day at office, my reports encountered a problem at their work, guess what, they left it half done!

Closure is putting a problem to rest. Forever.

If this reminds you of leaving anything half way, get it done now! 

Ill keep updating this article with my experiences.