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Chain Shame

posted 11 Jul 2010, 09:51 by Hussain Kothari
This post is written by my wife. Copy pasting the contents as is!

11-July 2006


we decided to meet for the evening....sadly though the mumbai bomb blasts wavered Pune. For the security of the civilians the Police started patrolling and hence the eve was nothing but filled with silence and distance. :( we could not meet.


12-July 2006


We decided to meet at around 5:00 p.m....I left office early that day. Hussain had come to my office to pick me up on his bike. His bike was loaded with two bags, I anticipated goodies :) mann mai ladoo to phoot rahe the lekin maine kuch zaahir nahin kiya


We were intending to go for a nice date, but it was too early to dine. So hussain took me to one quiet place where we could talk and have our privacy!


Now the bag opens and my gifts one by one pops out....many many!! He did justice to his style of presenting me those lovely gifts.. :) a lot many memories formed here!!


The interesting part starts now, it was 7ish. We left that quiet place to look for a nice place. The definition of nice place for me was something grand, but it was something else in Hussain's head :) hehehehehehe


We went to MalaKa Spice at Koregaon park, its nice ambience but somehow Hussain was not very willing and then his will to step in strongly faded!! heheheeh now where...i then said ABC farms lets go there, there are many restaurants out there..


He just wanted to go where i would like to but it had to be matching his definition, so he did not deny my Idea and we reached ABC farms, the restaurants here are lawn concept based, they are lovely and the ambience is only yellow lights in the dark, every restaurant here is a different cuisine we checked all of them....somehow hussain was still .....ab kya was evident and then we moved out from here also.


He attempted to think of a place and he said lets go to MainLand CHina.We reached there!! He was aware that live music was played there where songs could be dedicated, but sadly it had stopped. He demanded a table for us in the garden, but then we did not manage the table there. So we were offered a table in the restaurant. It was lovely ambience. The lady offered us a couch, but this couch was facing the entrance, and as well all the tables around, so Hussain denied that, then we took a corner table. Here Hussain was not comfortable so we took another couch table which was opposite to the entrance, now this was very open to the public eye. He was finally in a state of bliss, because he found the right hotel and the right table.


We placed the order for food and there the romance was building up!! We again got caught up in some sidy talks of ours... :) after a while Hussain says "I have got for you something more", he removed a small little jewellery box.


i was getting hopeful, he asked me to close my eyes put my hand out....i could not believe whats happening, i know hussain , i knew he is upto some prank...but it was all very romantic...i did not know what to do...


he repeated "close ur eyes and put your hand out" and he took a promise from me "What i give you, promise me that u will wear it and if anybody asks u whats it, just smile ok!" ....hmmm my doubt on him that its a prank was getting all the more confirmed!! hehehehehe but yet i took a chance!!


i closed my eyes and had my hand imagine this its really funny a sight!! then what hussain does is puts some necklace around my neck...that duffer, my hand was out which was looking so funny!! when he put something around my neck the cold touch of metal on my neckline made me feel really good, i thought its not a prank ...wo i was feeling really happy....and then when i opened my Eyes!!


what a shock!!


My eyes popped out ----"it was a chain made of safety Pins !! hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhaah"


i could not could not stop smiling and laughing.....He enjoyed all this!! all this while!!


and then he gave me the real gift, it was a chain and pendant of white gold with a diamond studded in it!!


wo!! right. It left me happy, but his prank was all the more amazing to experience!!


I loved that real gift and the prank gift both.


Though i wore the safety-pin chain all the way back home!! :)


A pic of us both and do notice that chain!!


and his definition of the nice place was a grand place, we should be sitting close and we should not be facing many people also!! heheheheehehehe


take care,