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Who is the next powerful entity after GOD?

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Google! Interesting read of how google flexes its muscels and does only evil!

Passed my UK driving practicle test, first attempt !! (at South Norwood)

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After listening to the horrific stories and experiences of other drivers, I was certain that any one would require at least 2-3 attempts to get their driving license and this I would deem as common.

There was only one friend that I knew passed his driving test in his first attempt, but he had to take two attempts to pass his theory! So I am the only one I know (and now you) who passed his theory and practice in just one attempt :-) !

The waiting time to book yourself at a practical test center is about 12 weeks! So its better you book yourself a test immediately after your theory exam or you may want to keep checking the DSA website for cancellation or use this wonderful software for £20 that will inform you and make a booking visa text message as soon as there is a cancellation!

The next hardest part is to find a honest instructor. First I tried the AA driving school. I guess some of their instructors may be good, but the one allocated to me seemed to be after my monies! And the worst part was I was not sure if I was learning the right thing, as I wouldn't trust him. With word of mouth, I was referred to an instructor in south London who charged me the lowest fee and got me ready in 15 lessons! If you can find a honest instructor, more than half your job is done. I wouldn't mind paying more for extra lessons but only if I need them.

I was booked at the South Norwood test center. I used to get there by train and my instructor used to teach me there. He made me aware of all the routes, round abouts and tricky bits of that place.
A copy of all the routes can be found here. I also plotted all the round abouts on a Google map and that can be found here. There are some interesting videos on you tube that helped me deal with round abouts. I suggest everyone taking a test to have a look.
A good idea would be to have a look at the forums as well. This will give you some confidence when you can see words of encouragement from other posters and you will know you are not that bad at driving. A good thread to read is thestudentroom and 2pass.

Before the test, drive for about 30 minutes and practice the maneuvers once. This would calm your nerves. During the test, I spoke to my self. This I think is a good idea as it gives the examiner an insight as to what you are thinking else it is left to his speculation. During the first 10 minutes, at reversing round the corner, I thought I had touched the curb. I corrected this immediately. I was feeling that I have failed the test and was loosing my concentration. Somehow I managed to complete the test without making any more majors. Its difficult to do your best when you are aware that its all over anyways. After the test when the examiner told me that I passed, it struck to me that eiher the examiner has excused my mistake or did not realize it (or maybe i was hallucinating!) . I would have been a complete fool to have thrown it up. So never never assume that your mistake has gone down as a fault. At the end, you just got to remember, that you will get your license when ever you are capable of driving safely!

If any one needs a reference to a honest and good driving instructor, please contact me. This writeup and a photo of him as a gratitude for his teachings!

KAL 007 - Target Destroyed

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Just done with one more episode of ACI on discovery channel.
When it comes to software engineers the most grave result of my coding mistake would be that the video playback on the user phone could be interrupted by a crash or worst comes to worst, the user would experience a crash during the phone conversation. Never was I responsible for more than 200 lives!
The 269 passengers for flight KAL 007, Korean Airline from New York to Seoul on 1st Sept 1983 seems to have its fate sealed. There were a number of errors and coincidents due to which the KAL 007 had to be "shot down" by the then Soviet Union. The aftermath could have proved a war as well.
KAL007 was on its way from NewYork to Seoul. It accidentally stayed into the Soviet airspace. A Soviet fighter plane, shot it down claiming it was a spy plane. Everyone on the plane died. The data recorder of the plane was recovered by USSR and was handed over to the USA only after 8 long years. Until then the events of KAL007 was a mystery.

 1. The autopilot system used at the time had two modes, INS and HEADING. The INS navigation was programmed with the flight plan, the pilot could turn the autopilot mode by switching to the INS position after take off. One theory is that the pilots "forgot" to switch to INS autopilot mode, or did not activate the INS mode. Both were standard basic procedure to fly a plane. Due to this the plane navigated off track and since it was using the HEADING mode and since there were no GPS available for civilian planes, this error went unnoticed.

2. The sister flight KAL015 that was 15 minutes behind KAL007 heading to the same destination did mention to KAL 007 that it is experiencing strong tail winds. While the crew in KAL007 said that it has experience strong head winds. It was impossible that two aircrafts would experience different weather conditions in a difference of 15 minutes. A clue that was not caught by the KAL 007 crew.

3. The Soviets were planning a missile test that day. A United State air force plane was flying in that area was monitoring the test.

4. The Soviets found the plane intruding. They did send out three fighters to confront it, but before the fighters could reach the aircraft, the airplane left the Soviets airspace and was flying over neutral waters. The plane re-entered the Soviets airspace over Sakhalin Island and orders were given to attack it "before it left the Soviets airspace".

5. The Soviet Sukhoi intercepted the Boeing from behind and fired warning shots. These shots were not seen by the commercial pilots. At coincident that happened next was something that sealed the fates of all the passengers.

6. At this point, KAL 007 contacted Tokyo air traffic control requesting clearance to ascend to a higher flight level for reasons of fuel economy; the request was granted, so the Boeing started to climb, gradually slowing as it exchanged speed for altitude. The decrease in speed caused the pursuing fighter to overshoot the Boeing, an action that was interpreted by the Soviet pilot as an evasive maneuver. The order to shoot KAL 007 down was given as it was about to leave Soviet airspace for the second time. Under pressure from the commander and ground controllers not to let the aircraft escape into international waters, the lead fighter was able to move back into a position where it could fire two air-to-air missiles at the plane. Then the ground [controller] gave the command: 'Destroy the target!'. Though the interceptor pilot reported to ground control, "Target destroyed"

Even if any one of the error or coincident would have been prevented, 269 lives would have been saved.
In this case, to err is not human.

Recordings of the communications between pilots of Soviet fighter planes and the ground control

A poem on our engagement anniversary!! .. nafisa

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To Remember 15th may


It is a merry day

The blow of 15th may


Hitted force on us

and we united in flux


change that was caused

brought reality that bossed


It was a delight to feel fresh and new

As Feeling of "Is Mine" came strongly through


Discotheques that located in our hearts

Went louder with beats that pulsed hard


As every ritual tightened the loose

Making firmer a knot that wanted to fuse


The first day of our engagement

Was a sweet terror and my enlightment


This day of change will be remembered every year

To relive the feelings and expect gifts from my dear

A poem by my wife... inspiration me!

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This poem was written when we were dating. We didn't know which way it would go! With this context, please read... 

It started with the least interest,
To please the filial chest.
H was a new acquaintance,
Out of  NOwhere  a firm existence.

Life was simple in its old way,
Now got spiced up with fun and gay.
Some things never changed for me,
But yet I get to know more of me.

A strange entangled relationship as of now,
It will open knotted somewhere to tow,
The best of things which helps to grow,
Thus we share lightness to be mellow.

H has an air of  positive and peaceful joy all around,
Wonder how can he be at ease always on the ground.
Demands respect in his unique style
Cautious with words all the while.

A youthful look entrapping a positive approach,
And an intelligent brain acting as a brooch.
He sees life as a comedy ,not a tragedy
Seriousness lives inside, but freely. (means – maturity& seriousness does not rob him off his jolliness)

Speed is something he has to be in pace with,
Make sure to be at instant on his any feat.
Simplicity lurks from the way he talks,
Just so normal with natural walks.   (Natural walks here would mean Life)

Changing moods never halts, 
Sadness lives only by faults.
There is so much pure in within,
Untouched by any kind of grave sin.

Could possibly write much longer, my pledge,
But I feel there is much more to my knowledge!
Grow dear friend in the right direction,
Bring wonders to your world with strong impression.

In retrospect

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In 2008: When I returned from the UK I had a lucrative job offer in hand. I spoke to Sasken to relieve me, but they were not too keen. They offered me a position in Finland instead. The 2009 meltdown happened but I still made it to Finland. People were losing jobs, many were asked to take up part time employment (and part time salary) but I was lucky to have escaped to Finland. Barely 15 days in Finland, I was asked to return back to India. At that moment I thought it would probably have been better taking up my permanent role in UK. I would have escaped all the uncertainty that Sasken keeps you in.

Now: It wasn't a bad move after all. Looking at it in retrospect, I got to go to Finland. I got introduced to a new beautiful country (and other countries like Sweden, Netherlands) and new culture. Finland is the most beautiful country I have experienced. Their frozen lakes, ice dipping sauna, skiing, people, work, all of it was a new experience. Later I moved to Blore and there I had a learning experience and training wrt work.

After I moved to Pune, we got the new house renovated and shifted in. Nafisa learnt how to drive and she started work too. She is doing very well at work. I had my first chance to Lead a project as well. Something I always wanted to do.

Now she has got a reloc to London and I am also looking out for jobs. This takes us back to UK. If I would have taken the job in UK in 2008, I my wife would not have been working and I would have missed all the other experiences. 

In retrospect, I don't repent (now) at all to how it all turned out to be. As Steve said, "You can not connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards." and as I rarely chant "Everything happens for a reason"!.

Chain Shame

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This post is written by my wife. Copy pasting the contents as is!

11-July 2006


we decided to meet for the evening....sadly though the mumbai bomb blasts wavered Pune. For the security of the civilians the Police started patrolling and hence the eve was nothing but filled with silence and distance. :( we could not meet.


12-July 2006


We decided to meet at around 5:00 p.m....I left office early that day. Hussain had come to my office to pick me up on his bike. His bike was loaded with two bags, I anticipated goodies :) mann mai ladoo to phoot rahe the lekin maine kuch zaahir nahin kiya


We were intending to go for a nice date, but it was too early to dine. So hussain took me to one quiet place where we could talk and have our privacy!


Now the bag opens and my gifts one by one pops out....many many!! He did justice to his style of presenting me those lovely gifts.. :) a lot many memories formed here!!


The interesting part starts now, it was 7ish. We left that quiet place to look for a nice place. The definition of nice place for me was something grand, but it was something else in Hussain's head :) hehehehehehe


We went to MalaKa Spice at Koregaon park, its nice ambience but somehow Hussain was not very willing and then his will to step in strongly faded!! heheheeh now where...i then said ABC farms lets go there, there are many restaurants out there..


He just wanted to go where i would like to but it had to be matching his definition, so he did not deny my Idea and we reached ABC farms, the restaurants here are lawn concept based, they are lovely and the ambience is only yellow lights in the dark, every restaurant here is a different cuisine we checked all of them....somehow hussain was still .....ab kya was evident and then we moved out from here also.


He attempted to think of a place and he said lets go to MainLand CHina.We reached there!! He was aware that live music was played there where songs could be dedicated, but sadly it had stopped. He demanded a table for us in the garden, but then we did not manage the table there. So we were offered a table in the restaurant. It was lovely ambience. The lady offered us a couch, but this couch was facing the entrance, and as well all the tables around, so Hussain denied that, then we took a corner table. Here Hussain was not comfortable so we took another couch table which was opposite to the entrance, now this was very open to the public eye. He was finally in a state of bliss, because he found the right hotel and the right table.


We placed the order for food and there the romance was building up!! We again got caught up in some sidy talks of ours... :) after a while Hussain says "I have got for you something more", he removed a small little jewellery box.


i was getting hopeful, he asked me to close my eyes put my hand out....i could not believe whats happening, i know hussain , i knew he is upto some prank...but it was all very romantic...i did not know what to do...


he repeated "close ur eyes and put your hand out" and he took a promise from me "What i give you, promise me that u will wear it and if anybody asks u whats it, just smile ok!" ....hmmm my doubt on him that its a prank was getting all the more confirmed!! hehehehehe but yet i took a chance!!


i closed my eyes and had my hand imagine this its really funny a sight!! then what hussain does is puts some necklace around my neck...that duffer, my hand was out which was looking so funny!! when he put something around my neck the cold touch of metal on my neckline made me feel really good, i thought its not a prank ...wo i was feeling really happy....and then when i opened my Eyes!!


what a shock!!


My eyes popped out ----"it was a chain made of safety Pins !! hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhaah"


i could not could not stop smiling and laughing.....He enjoyed all this!! all this while!!


and then he gave me the real gift, it was a chain and pendant of white gold with a diamond studded in it!!


wo!! right. It left me happy, but his prank was all the more amazing to experience!!


I loved that real gift and the prank gift both.


Though i wore the safety-pin chain all the way back home!! :)


A pic of us both and do notice that chain!!


and his definition of the nice place was a grand place, we should be sitting close and we should not be facing many people also!! heheheheehehehe


take care,



Closure :Something settled or resolved; the outcome of decision making

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One word, but with such important significance. I always believe that all things should be taken to a closure. Be it as simple as unpacking items from a bag or making decisions. Until we don't have closure on the things we do, it will keep lingering on our minds. 

At office, many discussions are done, but there are sometimes no decisions.
At home we start off doing something, but do not complete it.
The other day at office, my reports encountered a problem at their work, guess what, they left it half done!

Closure is putting a problem to rest. Forever.

If this reminds you of leaving anything half way, get it done now! 

Ill keep updating this article with my experiences. 

Sasken Premier League

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Its a Saturday morning. Shivdas and I had been working until late on Friday evening for the release. We also had to get up at 5 on Saturday to make it for the cricket match Adroit Bulls vs trimedians, the first match of the SPL! The match was at the ground next to BMCC. I was the first one to get there, but could not find the ground. Later I realised that the ground that I thought is a basket ball court, was actually the ground that we had hired. A very small ground. We decided where the boundaries would be and started to play.

We lost the toss and we were suppose to field. I was the wicket keeper from our team. First the girl Suma came to play for the 1st over. In the heat of the moment I asked Shivdas to make a throw at the stumps and I could not collect the ball. Since the boundaries were shot for the female players, the ball was over thrown for a 4 :-( . She played another shot close to her legs to the fine leg and another 4 :-(. She scored some 17 runs from which I had probably given off some 8 runs.

Now come in the men. The first batsmen nicked an edge and the ball went over his and my head. Somehow I was able to keep pace with the ball and caught it of once bounce in my hand.. phew.. OUT. Some solace. Later the game progressed and they made some 70 odd runs in 9 overs. Also, I changed my position to mid wicket and managed to hold onto another catch. 2 catches for me.


Now it was our turn to bat. All our players at the top order batted well. The score came down to 2 runs required in 3 balls and Shivdas was at the crease. Next ball.. and Shivdas got out! Now I was sent in to bat at the strikers end. We needed 2 runs from 2 balls. I somehow had to make these runs, else it would be putting many efforts down the drain. All sorts of thoughts were crossing my mind, what if I am not able to make contact with the ball? What if we lose? Shall I just run and give Palash the strike? Palash and I had a talk and we decide to run what ever is the case. If he got out, so well be it, any ways if we didn't run he would never get the strike. So I started murmuring my prayers and went to bat. I think this is the least the team could have expected off me, 1 run in 1 ball and Palash would take care of the rest :-D.

So I took my guard and there comes the bowler running in. The ball comes slowly to me and at full toss. All I had to do it put my bat in between. I could do this. The ball went further away to the long on. Palash screamed run 2. We ran 2 and we WON! HURRAY! One picture of me making the winning runs!



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