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Masoom (1983) ********.. (8/10)

posted 10 Jul 2010, 05:11 by Hussain Kothari   [ updated 12 Jul 2010, 02:21 ]
9th July 2010.
I started with playing the songs of Masoom on youtube. But also continued to see the entire movie. I started with the scene where Naseeruddin Shah comes to know about having a son outside his marriage. The movie is very gripping. I wanted to see how he discloses this to his wife. But part by part I completed the entire movie.
The movie exhibits extreme emotions. A wife (Shabana Azmi) imagining her husband with another lady, very disturbing. A child who has no one in the world to go to, whose mother is dead, no trace of his father. He left to the mercy of other people. To see a mother caring for her children, but no one to care for him, a very depriving feeling. A confused and troubled Naseeruddin, who cannot keep or leave his son. And the innocent children, who have absolutely no idea and keep asking innocent questions.
Some moments of the film which require a mention -
1. When the boy hurts himself with a hammer and runs into the kitchen screaming "mummy" but is met with a cold response. He has people around, but no one to care for him.
2. When Shabana puts both her girls to sleep by singing a Lalaby while the boy just watches.
3. When Shabana  touches the box made by the boy on her birthday. It touches her heart, but she doesn't show it in front of the boy. A conflict of emotions.
4. When the boy wishes good bye to his father. Out of concern of being alone he first asks "aap muje milne aaoge naa" then goes on to saying "main aap ko kaise bhul sakta hu, aap to mere papa ho naa" and then tightly hugs his father. No child should be deprived of fatherly love while the father is alive. I so wanted to be with amreen when I saw this scene. I was imagining how much amreen will hug me when she sees me.
5. The thought that the boy wants to be with his father, and the father doesn't want to be with the boy for the selfish reasons that he already has a settled family is obnoxious. Imagine what the boy must be going thru. There is absolutely no fault of the boy but he can't have his father.
In the end it was the wife that realises that her husbands mistake could not be reversed and her husband is repenting and is doing his best. She changes and everyone is happy. It is difficult rather impossible to live with a person who has breached your trust. But she forgives him.
An excellent movie. It will bring tears to anyone. The songs are just perfect. The entire cast, specially the children have done a splendid job. The youngest one was the best.