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If Only (2004) *******... (7/10)

posted 26 Aug 2010, 10:28 by Hussain Kothari   [ updated 12 Sept 2010, 14:31 ]
Must watch for all girls. And then they would nag their guys to watch it as well! A nice movie. You may want to watch it again.
It is about two people Samantha Andrews and Ian Wyndham amidst London. They are in a relationship. However as usual the Ian takes the girl's love for granted. He does not oblige her when she wants them to visit her parents. He also forgets her musical concert, something that Samantha has been waiting for three years. After the concert they have a fight and immediately after that Samantha boards a cab and meets with an accident and she dies. The Ian is left distressed as he could not keep her happy.
Now Ian wakes up from this dream and Samantha is right besides him. Exactly the same sets of events happen during the day. Ian realises that these changes are inevitable. The only thing he can change is by showing how much he loves her. And then he begins loving her. He gives her the perfect day. He pours his heart out for her. Very touching. And at the end of the day she boards the taxi. And the taxi meets with an accident. Is this how death is suppose to be? Loved? Watch to find out.
To mention some of the dialogue
Samantha teases Ian in the morning when they get up from bed -
Samantha : That's better, you bloody Englishman.
Ian: Say it again.
Samantha : Say what?
Ian: I love hearing... you use English swear words. Say "bloody".
Samantha : Hm, bloody.
Ian: Now, say "bugger".
Samantha: Bugger. You bugger,
Ian: you bloody bugger.
Ian: That's the one. Crap! I have to get dressed, run through my notes, rehearse my presentation.
Samantha: Have a nervous breakdown, ignore your half-naked girlfriend.
Samantha : Give me two seconds. Stay right there, and don't move your cute British butt.
While they are having the fight -
Ian : I guess what I'm trying to say is... I want to soldier on. I really do. Okay?
Samantha: No.
Ian : No what?
Samantha : I don't... want to soldier on.
Samantha : Ian, if I were to stay in London now, it would be for you. For us. And I would do that in a heartbeat if I knew we were really special.
Ian : We are.
Samantha : Really? You never tell me how you feel or talk about yourself. You don't want to meet my family. You forgot my graduation. We run into my favourite student and you act as if he has something contagious.
Samantha : Ian, I know you have the best intentions, but I feel like I'm a really high second priority to you. That hurts. And the worst part is I'm starting to get used to it.
Ian : I don't understand.
Samantha : I know. That's what kills me.
Samantha : If there had just been one day Ian, one day where nothing else matters but us.
Ian : I adore you.
Samantha : I don't want to be adored, I want to be loved.
Samantha : I can't do this anymore. 
Ian: (rehearsing for this meeting) One day accessing one's genetic make-up will be as easy as running a credit check. That knowledge gives us the power to alter our destiny.
samantha: Alter destiny? You believe that?
Ian: yeah, of course i do. I am telling you in the next fifty years, ..
samantha: people are still going to die, its still going to rain right after you wash your car and the stones, will still be touring.
samantha: you know, That stuff's out of your control. The only thing you can control are your own choices
Ian: ok, well, that would be the other point of view. But i really dont have time to debate destiny. I am just practising my speech.
samantha: You know, don't be late. I'll take care of this. I'll see you tonight at the concert.
Ian: Concert? What concert?
Ian: I was kidding. kidding you see, because it turns out I forgot the thing and...
samantha: Ah, This must be that British sense of humor I keep hearing so much about.
Ian: Ok. Well. I'll see you tonight.
After Samantha dies (in the dream), Ian reads her diary. She has written -
I've been working on this song about me & Ian. I want to give it to him before I go away, but I'm afraid I'll scare him, so I bought him a jacket instead. They say there's always someone in a relationship who loves more. Oh God, I wish it wasn't me.
Just before she boards the taxi in reality -
Ian: I Love you.
Samantha: Ooh I Love you too.
Ian: I wanna tell you why I love you.
Samantha: It's... It's raining, you know that right.
Ian: I have to tell you this and you need to hear it. I loved you since I met you, but I wouldn't allow myself to truly feel it until today. I was always thinking ahead, making decisions soaked with fear... Today, because of you... what I learned from you; every choice I made was different and my life has completely changed... and I've learned that if you do that, then you're living your life fully... it doesn't matter if you have five minutes or fifty years. Samantha if not for today, if not for you I would never have known love at all... So thank you for being the person who taught me to love... and to be love.
Samantha: I don't know what to say.
Ian: You don't have to say anything... I just wanted to tell you.